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PostPosted: Fri Apr 02, 2010 11:58 am
by geoff barker
I`m running a tribute to Charlie on my BBC radio show this Saturday night.
It`s a one-hour `kitchen-chat` I had at Charlie`s house in 1996, when `The Sound Of The City` was republished.
Charlie talks about the early days of his Radio London Show `Honky Tonk`: (which is where I first ever went on a radio prog, in 1973), His music-collecting tour of Louisiana and New Orleans: The Story Of Johnnie Allan`s Promised Land (& Pete Waterman!): Seeing Buddy Holly & The Crickets in Stockton in 1958: Managing Kilburn & The High Roads: Playing Dire Straits first demo: His research and writing of the book and what musically inspired him in the first place.

Charlie chose all the music and includes: Joe Liggins/Ella Mae Morse/Fats Domino/Johnnie Allen/
The Crickets/Jerry Reed/ and Dion:

Details of the prog:
`The Saturday Night Rock n Roll Party` 6.05 - 8pm
BBC West & Southwest Network.
(Wiltshire, Swindon, *Bristol, *Somerset, Gloucestershire, Devon, Cornwall, Jersey, Guernsey)
(* from 6.30 only)

Listen live on-line, or for 7 days after on the BBC iPlayer on:- (any of the above)

The Charlie tribute is the whole of the second hour from 7pm.