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MASTIC and 'Mendilimin ucun sakiz bagladim'

PostPosted: Tue Nov 03, 2009 8:59 pm
by liz molony
I heard ‘Men dilimin ucun sakiz bagladim' sung by CAN AKIN in Czech with less frilly rhythms and therefore greater melancholy in its plaintive lament.
But so much for the melodrama I thought I’d heard !
The translation suggests it’s not deep tragedy but a lover’s tiff.

I tied mastic to my handkerchief, mastic
Tell me o loved one, do you love another
Ninno dear one, is there separation?
Is there separation my beautiful love?’.......

And Yes as Charlie said, mastic is the original chewing gum, mouth freshener, stomach soother and a sweet.
‘As a hardened gum, the flavour is initially bitter, but after a few minutes of chewing takes on its gummy consistency and releases a mouth freshening flavour which remains for about 15 to 20 minutes.’

So this plaintive young man needed a place to store his gum, for fresh breath in his courting, or to sooth his broken heart. Maybe he was simply carrying the resin as mastic candy for his girl.

You can hear Can Akin sing this on
and see Ketencoglu's own modest video on
his mix of Greek and Albanian{?] rhythms should be heard while watching dancers flowing in music like blood flows through your veins..