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2009 - week 21, from 30 May

PostPosted: Fri May 29, 2009 12:52 pm
by Charlie
Seq - Artist - Song Title - Album - Country - Label - Cat no

1 - K'naan - Fatima - Troubadour - Somalia/Canada - A&M/Octone - B0012479-02

2 - Chalachew Ashenafi - Munit - Ilita!: New Ethiopian Dance Music - Ethiopia - Terp - AS-15

3 - Geoffrey "Gurrumul" Yunupingu - Marrandi - Gurrumul - Australia - Skinnyfish - SFGU80201

4 - Sara Tavares - Bué - Xinti - Cape Verde - World Connection - WCD034

5 - 17 Hippies - Adieu - El Dorado - Germany - Hipster - HIP 013


Once again, I try to recall the state of mind of the person I was when compiling and recording this programme. Only a few weeks ago, but already so much has happened since, as another tranche of records has been sifted into shape for the shows to follow this one. As I look more carefully I recognise the shape of the programme and remember why these songs seemed to follow each other so naturally.


I have not yet surrendered to the new album by K’naan, but ‘Fatima’ is a lovely pop ballad that will surely melt the hearts of sceptics.

Chalachew Ashenafi

Chalachew Ashenafi is a new name to me, an Ethiopian singer who features on four tracks on the new album from producer Mesele Asmanov. In contrast to the many collaborations that have surfaced recently, with Ethiopian singers being framed by European producers with their own preoccupations, Asmanov’s album Ililta harks back to the raw sounds of the Ethiopique albums. It is not in any way ‘retro’ but rather a modern evolution out of that classic sound.

Geoffrey "Gurrumul" Yunupingu

I was not immediately taken by the sweet singer songwriter sound of the blind Aboriginal singer known as Gummurul, but having seen him live twice I have now surrendered to his understated power. He is a peoples’ poet who will sell millions of records, as word of mouth carries him far beyond the reach of journalists and radio DJs. There’s nothing anybody can do to stop him.

Sara Tavares

The new album Xinti by Sara Tavares is also sweet, and again I have been drawn into it by hearing the artist in person, once in the studio at Radio 3 and then with her band at the Barbican. Both times, this song ‘Bué’ leapt out.

17 Hippies

Having championed the Berlin group 17 Hippies for several years, I was not immediately captivated by their new one, El Dorado. But, persevering, I’ve found several tracks that work well, and look forward to seeing them at WOMAD on Sunday July 26


PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:11 am
by Charlie
No immediate reactions to this programme, but here on Friday comes a late one from:

1. sandra dobiasch, Frankfurt, Germany

You know Charlie, I'm writing this as Gurrumul's song is playing, I'm so greateful you chose another song by him! I got "enthralled" when you first played 'marwurrumburr' and proceeded to look for him on 'youtube' where he's got 2 or 3 songs. But at the end of the day, I ordered his CD and can't stop listening to his beautiful voice - for me this is the discovery of the year! Thank you!