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2009 - week 14, from 10 April

PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2009 4:26 pm
by Charlie
Seq - Artist - Song Title - Album - Country - Label - Cat no

1 - Horace Andy/ Ashley Beedle - Watch We - Inspiration Information, Vol. 2 - Jamaica/UK - Strut - STRUT041CD

2 - Ahilea - Dolkso Kolsko - Café Svetlana - Austria - Essay - AY CD 20

3 - Roza Eskenazi - Merakli Rast Manes (Let Me Burn) - Rembetika 2 - More of the Secret History of Greece's Underground Music - Greece - JSP - JSP77105B

4 - Zein Musical Party - Mtindo Wa Mombasa - The Style of Mombasa - Kenya - Globestyle - CDORB 066

5 - Stan Nganga - Giriama - Kenya Debut - Kenya - Uptoyou - up2u 0003

6 - Imam Baildi - O pasatebos - Imam Baildi - Greece - Capitol - 5099923680425

7 - Le Trio Joubran - Masâr - Majâz - Palestine - Randana - RAND 002


The Strut label has launched a new series called Inspiration Information, whose principal seems to be to match a well-established veteran with new kids from the block. Volume one presented the Ethiopian musician Mulatu Astatke with the Heliocentrics, and now here’s a newly-invigorated Horace Andy with British remixer-turned-producer Ashley Beadle. The combination works well throughout their album.

Image Ashley Beadle & Horace Andy ... ormation-2

We don’t receive a lot of music from Austria, and it could be hard to pinpoint where Ahilea come from. Somewhere close to the Balkans would have been my guess, and they present an agreeable version of the region’s sound.

Image Ahilea

The next four choices were inspired by the new album from Iman Baildi, the Greek project whose new album has turned old Rembetika music on its head.

The sequence starts with a track from a four-CD compilation of Greek music recorded during the period 1908 to 1945. Hard to take in one big dose, but the uninhibited and soulful music works well on a track by track basis. A listener recently suggested I play something by Roza Eskenazi, so here she is.

Image Rosa Eskenazi

Roza’s lonesome vocal style reminded me of East African Taraab music, which has been well documented on various Globestyle albums, some actually produced by the label’s A&R men and some comprising existing recordings such as The Style of Mombasa.

Image Zein Musical Party

Kenya’s current popular music rarely surfaces outside the nation’s borders, but the label UptoYou is bringing some of the leading stars to wider attention, notably Stan Nganga whose debut album has several exceptional tracks.

Image Stan Nganga

Eventually we get back to Greece and the people who inspired this chain, Imam Baildi, whose album is already receiving positive notices on this forum.

Image Imam Baildi

Le Trio Joubran’s album has not been properly represented in this programme, but here’s another reminder of the quality of the Palestinian trio’s ensemble playing.

Image Le Trio Joubran


Listen again at: ... lett.shtml


PostPosted: Sun Apr 12, 2009 10:33 am
by Charlie
email from

1. Ruven Gottlieb, New York, NY

Thank You!

The 11 April show was fantastic! I hadn't realized there was such good music out there. The local NYC stations play such drivel. Nice to hear someone with a real ear picking music. I will try to catch your show regularly now that I have discovered it.

I think your listeners might enjoy hearing Martha Schlamme sing Yiddish folk songs. She had a beautiful voice and wonderful phrasing.

Ruven Gottlieb


2. Name: Manny Matthews, Livermore, CA, USA

You played a very groovy track just now, and I'm dying for details. It sounded like you said "imam baldi", it had a modern-sounding beat, but vocals that sounded older, fifties or sixties. I'm going to be listening to bbc until your show comes on again!!! Great show. Thanks! - Manny


3. Ronald Almeida, Brahmavar, India

This is the only kind of music or creative effort that is not cliched.

Even the record covers on your personal website are unique.

Ronald Almeida


4. alan chapman, grimsby

Having heard your programme through listen again, I was hooked on cafe svetlana and through various connections latched on to the Amsterdan Klezmer. no doubt you have played them in the past as they seemed familiar. But have you heard the Immigrant song.

Over the last 10 years you have influenced and shaped my attitude to music. I wish local radio here in the sticks would broaden its outlook



5. Erin Jones, Louisville, Kentucky USA


I love your programme! Due to recent health-related bouts of insomnia, I discovered you wonderfully accidentally!

Now on the mend, I still seem to wake up about the time you get started and tune in for great musical journeys!

And then I'm able to fall off happily to sleep, feeling I've taken in the soul of the globe. Many, many thanks for making sleepless nights more enjoyable!

Peace, Erin

6. Nick Chanter,


Every Sunday night in the wee hours of Monday morning I have to get up go downstairs, go to your website find the playlist, google the artist and find the track on youtube. My sleep depravation must breach some sort of human rights convention.

This morning was the sound of Le Trio Joubran in my head.

But please dont stop, one of the best cultural/music radio programmes on the air.

I guess I am just addicted to pain.

Thank you

Nick Chanter


7. Joseph Phibbs, Ipswich, England

Dear Charlie Gillett,

You mentioned that the Imam Baildi song you played ('O Pastatebos') incorperated an older song as it foundation. Could you kindly tell me what this was, and who was performing it? It's a wonderful track.

Thanks for your superb programme!

Joseph Phibbs


8. Nikos Giannadakis, London

Hello! The original 'Pasatempos' is by Yorgos Yannakopoulos and Manolis Chiotis (pronounced Jiotis, if you have started the Spanish course), sung in its most popular version by Yota Lydia, I think.

This version you played seemed, in my humble opinion, un-original, adding little if not detracting from the original tempo; so important for the dance. For the Greek market that's more or less packaging it up so that I can be consumed in clubs. :(

great show by the way!

many thanks


PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2009 9:41 pm
by Adam Blake
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this show. What was the track that started off like something by Terry Riley? Was that Alihea? Wonderful stuff. I'll go back and check but I just wanted to vent some enthusiasm.