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PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:52 am
by Rob Hall
Charlie wrote:
garth cartwright wrote:Des: piss off you pathetic loser. One thing this forum does not need is your malevolent presence. Go sulk somewhere else.

Hey Garth, calm down. This was all going so well.

Des can be funny, and I welcome his puncturing of our balloons. Sometimes his barbs hit home, and sometimes they fall flat. Humour is like that. We can always patch up the balloon and blow it up again.

I am very happy to have Des on board this forum, and certainly don't find him in the least malevolent.

Then perhaps you missed this Charlie:

Winged Eel Bowring wrote:The perfect reply, Ian - learned, measured and intelligent - and therefore lost on the person to whom you are responding.

Prior to Garth's response, this was clearly a dig at Garth (the person to whom Ian was responding). It is neither funny nor was it called for. When picked up by Adam, Des made his intentions clear:

Winged Eel Bowring wrote:
Adam Blake wrote:Oh come on Des, back five minutes and you're already trying to start a fight?

Too right mate.

There you have it in a nutshell: he is here looking for a fight. I really do not understand your continued support for this man's behaviour.

(Maybe you should move this discussion to 'Forum Decorum'?)