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The Tiger Lillies on Saturday Night - HELP!

PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 9:12 pm
by Oldphan
Hello everyone! I do so hope that I'm posting this question in the right section - quite new to this forum, but very happy to be here :-D I recently became aware of the fact that Mr. Gillett had my favorite band, The Tiger Lillies on his show, Saturday Night on BBC Radio London, TWICE no less, (Thanks again for the information Mr Gillett!) and I'm extremely interested in finding these recordings. I'm a huge collector of all things Tiger Lillies related, particularly of their radio show appearances though, and I'm positive that I don't have these. If ANYONE out there has these recordings, please, please get in touch with me somehow! I don't care what format you may have them in - DAT, Cassette, MP3, CD, whatever is more than fine with me! I'll check back in on this thread, but feel free to PM or email me anytime, at if you can help!

Thanks so much to everyone in advance!

All the best,