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Madioko & Rafika's album

PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2005 2:53 pm
by Tania Rucinska
It only happens two or three times a year; instead of taking my radio with me on my daily walk, I took my CD player. The new album by Madioko & Rafika 'Rhythm'n'Bled' had arrived that morning and having been hooked on the 30-second clips available on their internet page, I couldn't wait to hear the album in full.

Two hours of walking later with CD player on repeat mode, I just didn't want to go back home. This was bliss! Amazing music, amazing combination of sounds. Wow!

I remembered a section out of Nick Hornby's book '31 Songs' where he writes why particular music hits you - because on repeated listening, you 'still haven't figured it out' and in your quest to solve it, you want to hear it again and again. He was referring to Nelly Furtado's 'Like a Bird'.

Well Madioko & Rafika's album has precisely that intriguing quality. I was absolutely delighted to discover it was Charlie's album of the month. Hoorah!