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Otra Sanata by Tango Clash

PostPosted: Thu Jul 13, 2006 9:19 am
by howard male
Otra Sanata by Tango Clash

This is the album the Gotan Project should have made as a follow up to La Revancha Del Tango but instead they took the easy route of making a mainstream, undemanding, dance crowd-pleaser.

Two of Argentina's Otra Sanata have been doing this kind of thing since 1987 so they must have been somewhat miffed when the GP's stole their thunder. But this, their second album, is a delight from beginning to end in its constantly wayward inventiveness. Otra Sanata (Sanata seems to mean 'lie, cheat, gibberish') are essentially a twisted jazz band based around bandoneon, cello, piano, and drums, but featuring guest vocalists, sax, and clarinet. But then they do the fashionable thing of taking recordings of improvisations and digitally cutting and spicing them with glitchy noises and atmospherics. Nearest comparison is my favourite contemporary Norwegian jazz band (actually my favourite jazz band - period) Wibutee.

For more info check out their slick website: