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Luke Winslow-King

PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:25 pm
by NormanD

This is a poor quality short-film, but the only Youtube of a song that music industry maven Bob Lefsetz (love him or hate him) has written about in his recent review of current music:

"I'm Glad Trouble Don't Last Always"
Luke Winslow-King

And here's the winner. By someone I've never heard of, doing that swamp rock sound, hearkening back to what once was without being pure nostalgia, with a big fat chorus to boot, this unheralded nobody is doing soulful blues rock better than Eric Clapton, all the old farts should track this guy down and play with him, to reinvigorate themselves, you can't think too much, you've just got to strap on the axe, turn up the amp, step up to the mic and feel the power, that's right, rock music is all about feel, something that starts in the heart and then migrates to the genitals, gets your whole body shaking, the problem with too much of today's music is it appeals to the brain, and in music, thinking is always secondary to feel.

This is on Bloodshot, most famous for releasing Ryan Adams's "Heartbreaker," how does an indie label survive, one that cannot participate in 360 degrees of revenue, they must be doing it for the love of it.

And "Your Release Radar" relies not on radio, it's not part of the winning through relationships and intimidation game, rather it's all driven by science, algorithms, so something can surface if it's good, and "I'm Glad Trouble Don't Last Always" is...good, that is, it's heavy without being fake, bass-driven but not bass-dominated. CHECK IT OUT!

Now that's a rave review from Mr Bigshot himself.

I saw him earlier this year in The Ivy House, Peckham, playing to an audience of about two dozen people. Luke went around at half-time to chat and thank us individually for coming. He knew how to play, work the audience, and put on a hell of a show (it was a solo night, no band).

I first heard him on the recommendation of David Mackie, who played us another of his CDs just a couple of weeks ago.

It's good to know that I'm in on something that's migrating to Bob Lefsetz's genitals. Or maybe not.

But Luke Winslow-King may now have a good future ahead of him. And please keep 'em coming, David.