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perfect voice to sing calypso..

PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2016 5:47 pm
by Alan
It's only taken them 16 years Since I Left You but the Avalanches finally return. Their DJ set at Field Day a couple of weeks ago was a little disappointing altho it was great to hear Frontier Psychiatrist again.

They've released Frankie Sinatra ahead of their new album Wildflower, sampling the great Wilmouth Houdini -


Here's Wilmouth Houdini’s original Bobby Sox Idol -

Ah, Frankie Sinatra
Ah, Frank Sinatra
Frankie me boy, you don't know
You have a perfect voice to sing calypso.

Why not make a dish wit' de Houdini?
Singin' de West Indian melody
Frankie me boy I'm sure
We sell two million copies or more.

"Bobby Sox Idol"
Wilmoth Houdini, ca. 1944