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Midnight in Mali

PostPosted: Tue Apr 18, 2006 12:58 am
by barryology
Live performance in Bamako,12/23/04, just out fr Sterns--Midnight in Mali (which now must make for many more recordings with Mali in the title than any other single word in my whole collection--I predict next will be called Mighty Mali Meets the Wolfman)--a Koite, Tounkaras, Kouyate, Sissoko, Seck, N'daye, and a Diabate in a pear tree. Oh that Jelly Djelimady--is there a more impressive African guitarist out there these days, and that sokou-man--Zoumana Tereta--what an exotic axe! Check it out when it gets to your neighborhood just for Mssr. K. Diabate's beau monde, can't get enough of it, balafon, one of a kind, if not the whole dang group, including the elegant, blind Madina N'daye, who from her photo appears to play the kora standing up, with the kora perched on an upside down chair, which seems to be resting on a little table with bogolon tablecloth. Right now, it's hard to deny that Mali is holding up its end of the African sky when it comes to great music.