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Kronos Quartet article in this week's New Yorker

PostPosted: Sat Apr 08, 2006 5:36 pm
by Tom McPhillips
This was in this week's issue -doesn't mention their Bollywood album though-

The Kronos Quartet returns to Carnegie Hall.
Issue of 2006-04-10
Posted 2006-04-03

The Kronos Quartet, which is in the middl of a six-concert series at Carnegie Hall, ha enacted two revolutions in its more than three-decade life, one of style and one of substance Back in the nineteen-eighties, the members o Kronos—the violinists David Harrington an John Sherba, the violist Hank Dutt, and th cellist Joan Jeanrenaud, whose place is no occupied by Jeffrey Zeigler—startled audience by coming onstage in modish fashions, in look that suggested a genteel art-rock band They also lowered the lights, projected image behind them, and generally attempted to bring little atmosphere to whichever hall they ha booked for the night. Self-appointed guardian of the classical grail (I was one at the time dismissed them as purveyors of kitsch. Bu Kronos wasn’t putting on a show; they wer choosing to be their funky San Francisc selves, rather than checking their personalitie at the door. Now others have come around t their way of thinking. Vibrant younger quartet like the St. Lawrence, the Pacifica, the Flux and Ethel make music in whatever style the see fit, dispelling the aura of aristocratic make-believe that surrounds classical music. Th new-music ensemble Alarm Will Sound ha developed a casually dynamic style that is lik Kronos gone orchestral
Second, Kronos proved that the string quartet, long the most self-consciously “classicalâ€