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Re: David Bowie: The Next Day

PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:06 pm
by AndyM
Re Facebook versus here: on FB I am 'connected' to a diverse and wider group of people (work colleagues, family members, etc etc) and I don't think lengthy diatribes on music fit well in that context, though I do post music links and chat about music there. Here, conversely, musical interchange is obviously the meat & drink of the place.

("lengthy diatribes" not flattering and not entirely accurate, but you know what I mean, I think.)

Re: David Bowie: The Next Day

PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:30 pm
by howard male
No, FB isn’t the same as SoTW which is why I like it there more. For example, I’ve never felt that there’s always somebody waiting to jump down my throat or take offence at what I’d thought was just harmless banter. But let’s not go there. You lot love it here because you’re largely talking about old records. I tend to prefer to talk about new records, plus a whole bunch of other stuff that wouldn’t fit in her either.

I’m glad you’re going to give The Next Day another shot, Adam. I think it’s important to remember how even old Bowie records could take a while to establish themselves as firm favourites. I really enjoyed the process of having this album gradually seduce me. What a blinder – for example – the chilling ‘You Feel So Lonely You Could Die’ is. What you need to do is embrace the record’s loudness and play it LOUD. Maybe you’ll even end up feeling fifteen again.

And I have lengthy diatribes on music on FB, Andy. Maybe it just depends who your 'friends' are there - I've been quite proactive in sending out friend requests to people I don't know who had, maybe, written something I've liked on someone else's strand. Folk rarely turn you down on FB because of course they too want to share their views with as many other people as possible. In fact one of the few people to ignor a friend request was Ted of this parish. So, you see, once again I was reminded of my unpopularity here even after I'd moved on. This place really isn't for me, but it's been nice having a bit of a chat about DB!