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Atlantic re-issues

PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:44 pm
by Rob Hall
While idly browing Amazon for tax avoidance tips, I came across 'Atlantic Soul Legends: 20 Original Albums from The Iconic Atlantic Label'. Most of these albums are well-known and have been available for ages, but there's a handful that are less ubiquitous and at least one (by Sam Dees) that is, apparently, being released on CD for the first time. For £33.69 (Amazon's price) you get:

1. RAY CHARLES - What'd I Say (1959, Mono, 10 Tracks, 30:10 minutes)
2. BOOKER T & THE M.G.s - Green Onions (1962, Mono, 12 Tracks, 35:17 minutes)
3. BEN E. KING - Don't Play That Song! (1962, Stereo, 12 Tracks, 29:10 minutes)
4. SOLOMON BURKE - If You Need Me (1963, Stereo, 12 Tracks, 30:12 minutes)
5. RUFUS THOMAS - Walking The Dog (1964, Stereo, 12 Tracks, 30:57 minutes)
6. THE DRIFTERS - Under The Boardwalk (1964, Stereo, 12 Tracks, 30:49 minutes)
7. DON COVAY and THE GOODTIMERS - Mercy! (1964, Stereo, 12 Tracks, 34:03 minutes)
8. OTIS REDDING - Otis Blue: Otis Redding Sings Soul (1965, Stereo 11 Tracks, 33:32 minutes)
9. WILSON PICKETT - In The Midnight Hour (1965, Stereo, 12 Tracks, 30:31 minutes)
10. PERCY SLEDGE - When A Man Loves A Woman (1966, Stereo, 11 Tracks, 29:06 minutes)
11. SAM & DAVE - Hold On, I'm Coming (1966, Stereo, 12 Tracks, 31:41 minutes)
12. BAR-KAYS - Soul Finger (1967, Stereo, 11 Tracks, 30:12 minutes)
13. EDDIE FLOYD - Knock On Wood (1967, Stereo, 12 Tracks, 35:07 minutes)
14. ARTHUR CONLEY - Sweet Soul Music (1967, Stereo, 10 Tracks, 26:07 minutes)
15. WILLIAM BELL - The Soul Of A Bell (1967, Stereo, 11 Tracks, 32:55 minutes)
16. ARETHA FRANKLIN - Lady Soul (1968, Stereo, 10 Tracks, 30:04 minutes)
17. DONNY HATHAWAY - Everything Is Everything (1970, Stereo, 9 Tracks, 41:24 minutes)
18. CLARENCE WHEELER & THE ENFORCERS - Doin' What We Wanna (1970, Stereo, 7 Tracks, 40:22 minutes)
19. HOWARD TATE - Howard Tate (1972, Stereo, 12 Tracks, 35:09 minutes)
20. SAM DEES - The Show Must Go On (1975, Stereo, 10 Tracks, 35:19 minutes)

This listing is courtesy of a review of the box by Mark Berry of Reckless Records. Mark goes on to say that these, plus a further 80 titles (go here to see them) have been issued in Japan at budget price and can be got through the cdjapan website. I have no idea what postage from Japan might cost, but at least we now know that all this stuff is available.

Re: Atlantic re-issues

PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:31 pm
by Jamie Renton
Paging Santa Clause...paging Santa Clause...

Re: Atlantic re-issues

PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 7:39 pm
by gary booth
Thanks Rob. The Japanese site has a Calculate Shipping Button - very handy. If you pretend to buy a CD and put it in your shopping cart you can then press this button. Basically for basic shipping ( not recorded etc) it works out about £3 per £7.50p CD.

Unless I've got confused it seems there is (1) a European made set of the Atlantic CDs - the ones Amazon are doing in the box set- and (2) these and 80 odd more titles which are made in Japan - I'm not sure if the sound i.e re-mastering - is the same,I would assume so? but the packaging is different - the Amazon/European ones are digi-packed and the Japanese ones are Jewel cased. But, if to all intents and purposes, we're looking at a major re-issue series and Japan are currently ahead of the game it begs the question will the UK continue past this first lot of 20 and how will they market them? This box set is incredible value - about £1.50 a CD compared to the £7.50 imports. I think the box set is a one off to launch the series and any future CDs will be mid-priced (£5ish) All this waffle means is: as a record collector who isn't known to be patient, rational, and financially prudent I might break a habit and resist buying now from Japan...might?