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Chuck Perkins - A Love Song For NOLA

PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2012 9:24 pm
by garth cartwright
I was having a coffee with Norman today and trying to recall the name of a new artist who had made one of the best - maybe the best - albums of 2012. Age, it chews through those braincells! Anyway, safely back home i can state that it's Chuck Perkins and his debut album A Love Song For NOLA (Trikont) is remarkable and, I think, would be savoured by many forumistas.

Chuck is from New Orleans and a spoken word artist. In some ways he is the spiritual offspring of Gil Scott Heron - articulate, intelligent, political, angry, funny, both engaged and enraged with the black community, aware of his community's history, of past and present oppressions, compassionate towards the the youth but despairing too. And to back his words he employs a savvy band of local musicians who bring a jazzy street funk not too distant from what Olu Dara conjured up.

This is a great album with lots to dwell on musically and lyrically. How it ended up being released on a tiny German label better known for goofy compilations (Dirty Laundry) I don't know. But I'm sure pleased it is out.