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Geoff Farina 'The Wishes Of The Dead'

PostPosted: Sun Apr 08, 2012 1:12 pm
by Damnably
We released 'The Wishes of the Dead' by Geoff Farina on our Damnably label.

It's an interesting album and Geoff's first solo record in 12 years, in which time he has swapped his jazzy post punk electric style (in Karate) for pre WWII Ragtime/Blues/Folk influenced finger picking.

Here are some links so you can hear the songs: 'Hammer and Spade' 'Prick Up Your Ears'

and Recent Press

Sunday Times Stewart Lee - "Prick up Your Ears' describes small-town soldiers departing for Iraq with commendable sobriety in a folksy idiom, that emphasises their timeless circumstance"
Alternative Press - "If Farina has learned anything in his 20-plus years as a musician, it's how to turn the worst parts of life into the greatest art."
The A.V. Club - "Raw, unorthodox, and honest, his style blends gritty blues riffs with jazzy, prose-like lyrical structure."
Washington City Paper - "Farina has toiled for 15 years as one of the hardest-working indie rockers in the business, creating songs that unfold like time-lapse nature photography, slowly building to a rugged beauty..."
Popmatters - "Farina’s brilliant guitar technique can, as it did in Karate, still threaten to make these folk songs sound mannered. But luckily, he’s learned to let his sweet, rolling vocals shoulder the emotional load on these tracks. It is quite a feat to see a guy, particularly one who left his last band at the height of its powers, try something completely different, and totally succeed."
AM New York - "Acoustic strumming accompanies the singer's frank delivery of sad truths with lyrics that are bluntly poetic. It's simple and sad, and I love it so much that it kind of hurts my heart. "
Pocket Jury - "Former Karate front-man pens beautifully realised folk-leaning love letter to the Kennebec River."
Steven Rainy BBC Radio 1 Ulster - "it's a wonder piece of work.."
Slow Thrills - "both a fine collection of contemporary songs and a homage to legendary folk guitarists"
clicky clicky music -"consistently rich and rewarding"

Americana UK - "Geoff Farina has something many musicians could only dream of attaining."

This album is available at all good record stores, Amazon and our shop at