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Mod Life Crisis

PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 11:12 pm
by Jamie Renton
I don't think I could ever make it as a mod. No-one's going to let me near a scooter and my attempts at sartorial elegance have never progressed beyond the first part of the phrase "shabby chic". It doesn't stop me loving the music that the original mods danced to though, all that fingersnappin' 60s soul and rhythm n blues.

That's what we have here on this 27 track collection, the latest in Harmless' "Backbeats" series, drawing on sounds from Chicago, Memphis and New Orleans. Some much loved familiar tunes (Robert Parker's "Barefootin", Young Holt Trio's "Wack Wack", "Getting Mighty Crowded" by Betty Everett, amongst them), plus lots that's more obscure but equally groovesome. I'm currently especially taken with Wade Flemons aching "The Other Place", Sugar Pie Desanto's "Do the Whoopie" and Little Richard's "Baby Don't You Tear My Clothes", all new to me.

There's also hot stuff from Jackie Wilson, Willie Mitchell, Barrett Strong, Barbara Acklin and Jamo Thomas (the latter with the mighty "I Spy for the FBI")

I picked mine up on Amazon for less than four quid and I'm very glad I did.

now, I wonder what ever happened to that button-down shirt I used to have?