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Jimmy Rivers and The Cherokees - Brisbane Bop

PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2011 7:31 pm
by Ted
Not actually a new release. But I thought some of you might like to know about it. Recorded by members of the audience over several years at a bar in Brisbane California. Sound quality is rougher than a badgers bumhole. Jimmie Rivers was a fan of Charlie Christian (this record contains versions of Airmail Special and A Smooth One) who found himself in this tough sounding Western Swing bar band, playing to Okie aircraft factory workers in 50s California. I can't imagine the clientele of the bar were actually paying much attention to his jazzy guitar guitar playing. They were too busy drinking and fighting (so the sleeve notes suggest) and enjoying the steel guitar of Vance Terry. (The interplay between guitar and pedal steel is totally sweet)

Some of the between songs repartee is distinctly pre-PC...
It's a fascinating recording that really doesn't sound much like anything else. It's not subtle. It probably doesn't qualify as proper jazz, or proper western swing, which may be why this is the only recording (I think) of this band.