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Boubacar Traore: Mali Denhou

PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 9:21 pm
by Des
Kar Kar's new album is lovely and highly recommended. I read a review saying it is jollier than his earlier offerings but there's more than enough of that melancholy quality that makes Boubacar's music so irresistable. On almost all the tracks there is an accompanying harmonica which I feel is superfluous - I hate to alienate fellow forumistas but I'm not a great harmonica fan and would have preferred a melodeon. Having said that, Vincent Bucher is a very lyrical player and I like the interplay between mouth organ and guitar. My favourite track on first hearing is definitely Farafina Lolo Lora which has almost the quality of a wistful Scottish air about it.

The pared-down instrumentation really brings out Kar Kar's beautiful songs and expressive singing - his voice sounds wonderful still - but a very nice instrumental, Fama, features some delightful n'goni by Mahamadou Kamissoko - I just wish we could hear more of his playing and a little less of the harp on the other tracks.

So Judith and other SoTW fans of Kar Kar, I hope you get round to hearing this one - it's very lovely.

Re: Boubacar Traore: Mali Denhou

PostPosted: Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:54 pm
by judith
Thank you for remembering my fondness for Kar Kar and the heads up, Des! I've had a brief listen online here and there and thus far agree with your review. I like the harmonica but I would have liked a little less of it too, but of course, I'd be happy with simply Boubacar and his guitar. Or maybe it's because I have had the flu and a headache and the harmonica are not friends. (But - I consider myself spoilt by Errol Linton and am I the only one who thinks Errol is one of the few who can lull you with the blues harp?)

Still, what I have heard thus far has some really lovely stuff. I am looking forward to listening to the album straight through. I just love Boubacar Traore's singing and guitar playing.