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Backatown - Trombone Shorty

PostPosted: Tue Dec 21, 2010 10:05 pm
by Rob Hall
OK, this is an instant reaction on the strength of one play. Of the 14 tracks on this album, about half-a-dozen of them are the kind of track that would have you checking the track listing if it popped up on a mix tape. The rest of the tracks display superb musicianship but don't really go anywhere. In fact, the album could do with a few decent tunes, as most of what's on offer are simply riffs blown against a monster New Orleans groove. The groove is the most consistent and the best thing about the album, and when it's put together with a tune of the quality of Allen Toussaint's "On Your Way Down" (featuring Mr AT himself on piano) you get one of those mix tape tracks I was talking about. But that is the only non-original tune here and most of the other tracks struggle to find direction. Oh yeah, some of the tracks feature vocals which, while they offer a pleasant diversion, suggest that Shorty should maybe stick to what he does best, which is, at various times, trombone, trumpet, keyboard, drums and percussion.

My heart says 6/10, but my head says 5/10, and I reserve the right to change my mind.

File under superbly played jazzy/funky/brassy/fat groove with lots of potential but in need of better material.

Re: Backatown - Trombone Shorty

PostPosted: Wed Dec 22, 2010 10:11 am
by will vine
I was just thrilled that someone called Trombone Shorty existed and had to check it out. For what its worth I fully agree with Rob's review.