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PostPosted: Sun Jul 05, 2009 6:14 pm
by Dayna
I found a different CD called Legend Best of Bob Marley & am listening to Three Little Birds. It's one of the songs on the other one, & I've heard Lively Up Yourself & Bend Down Low. The version of Bend Down Low on the other one is still very interesting, though.

I can hear some differences in all of these so far. I wonder why they saw a need to change this music so much if it was already good. It's still very pretty. Anyway, I'm glad this one playing in the store led me to the real thing.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 05, 2009 7:03 pm
by Dayna
Stir It Up & Redemption Song sounds soulful & feels good to listen to. This one called Punky Reggae Party is a bonus track & is very lively.

I Shot The Sheriff; the odd singing is hard to get used to.

I wish High Tide and Low Tide were on this one. It's so pretty on the first one.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 05, 2009 8:04 pm
by jackdaw version
Legend is alright. It's got the greatest of the great hits, but I still prefer both Natural Mystic and Rebel Music, the two other original compilations. I'm just a snob probably, but they both seem to me to have a more interesting selection of songs on them. There are a couple of other subsequent compilations from the Island years that I'm not qualified to comment upon. Trenchtown Rock (Anthology '69 — '78) on Trojan is a good 2xCD collection of earlier material plus a few odd Lee Perry-produced tracks from the time of Exodus, including what I think is the better version of "Natural Mystic" (just the song not the whole Island compilation).

PostPosted: Sun Jul 05, 2009 9:11 pm
by Dayna
This CD has the live version of No Woman Don't Cry on it, & it's great, but the list that appears on iTunes says it's called Ambient Pop. Don't know why that is. It's giving me chills.

I really love the guitar on Could You Be Love.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 05, 2009 9:27 pm
by Abdel Halim El Hachimi
High Tide and Low Tide is a beautiful song and there is no better version than on the expanded edition of Catch A Fire, where the songs simplicity is absolutely gorgeous.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 05, 2009 9:36 pm
by Adam Blake
Dayna wrote:This CD has the live version of No Woman Don't Cry

Yeah, that's the one Bob can offer up to heaven, I reckon. Better than "Imagine", as good as "I Shall Be Released". Songs don't get better than that.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 3:00 am
by Dayna
I've asked a few people in my family if they've ever heard of Bob Marley & they said "Oh yeah, he's been really popular." My step-mother told us about a party they went to in Florida where they played Reggae.
I keep wondering why it seems like I'm the only one that didn't hear of him till on here. It's not like I've had my head in the sand. Oh well, I'm glad I know now. I did some reading about his songs & his life. It's certainly sad the way he died of cancer mainly because he didn't get it treated till it was too late.