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Tango Line, Wed 16th Dec, Sands Films, Rotherhithe

PostPosted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 4:16 pm
by EleanorT
Wed 16th Dec sees the last gig in the current Tuned In London series. 7.45pm, doors 7.15. £14 gets you a choice of comfy sofas on which to listen to the music as well as a cup of tea/coffee or two. And whatever the time, you can squeeze in something stronger at the next door Mayflower Pub.

Tuned In London has now been housed at Sands Films, after leaving the Brunel Museum, for more than a year.

Tango Line, the first UK-based ensemble to specialise in Turkish Tango music, revisits Turkey’s 1920’s and 30’s tango scene to create a sensual sound that blends Balkan and Latin, dance and classical: hot music accented with exotic spice.

Turkish classical and traditional vocalist Eylem Korkmaz is joined by Greek accordion virtuoso Stelios Katsatsidis, Balkan and Mediterranean violin specialist Meg Rosaleen Hamilton, Jazz - Balkan bassist Thodoris Ziarkas, and classical cellist Adam Spiers . Tango Line’s innovative and original interpretations of Turkish Tango combine nostalgia with the multiculturalism of London’s music scene.

Formed in 2014 this sophisticated and dynamic ensemble already performs regularly in London and further afield.

Eylem Korkmaz sings sublime songs about love and separation. Recorded by the greatest Turkish singers of the time including Seyyan Hanim (1913-1989) and İbrahim Özgür (1905-1959), these songs are rooted in Argentine tango, particularly the Milonga, blending Western classical salon music with Turkish lyrics and post-Ottoman nuances both in the music and the dance.

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