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St Germain at Troxy

PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, 2015 3:45 pm
by EleanorT
I don't usually write about gigs that I haven't organised on my TunedIn London facebook page but this week I did. Here's what I wrote:

Last night I got the happy news that I'd won two tickets to see St Germain in concert tonight at the Troxy in East London. Sounded like fun. And then I saw they'd played at the Bataclan last Thursday night.... Was that fear I felt? Whatever it was, I kept it at bay and determined to get there. It suddenly seemed very important to go, just as others were gathering at Wembley for a very meaningful sporting encounter. When leaving the house, news was coming in of the cancellation of the Holland-Germany game. Hmm... "Sortons" ("Let's go out") is what I'd read in the French press, so out I went (as did 10,000 in Toulouse alone).

And what a treat!!! What a crowd, too. A minute's silence at the start. Eight musicians on stage, who, it transpired, were from eight different corners of the world, France, Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guyana, Brazil, Senegal, Mali (one more? I forget!). Ludovic Navarre, aka St Germain, himself the only white musician, the mastermind behind it all, never taking centre stage, the least assuming band leader I have come across, looking slightly incongruous, neatly and tidily dressed in white cardigan and trainers, amongst a whole host of beautiful traditional African stringed instruments and their players, who were in festive spirits. I was not expecting this. The repetitive rhythms and trance like tunes of St Germain are familiar to me. The funky electronic sound that puts a spring in ones step. The hallmark pause before the rhythm takes up again. They were all still there but there was also an incredible celebration of African sounds. Throughout the concert my mind was partly in Paris but there were moments when this was pure (or nearly so...) Sahara. So enjoyable. Good for the soul, for sure, and as big a gig as I choose to go to these days. I can cope with this, but don't ask me to go to anything bigger.

You'll have to travel to catch them but I highly recommend going to see St Germain. I admire the way they so confidently stayed on stage, played and collaborated so superbly, enjoying their own gig in a way that is always contagious. A salutary night out. Rather that than Wembley for me!

I see there was a review in the Times, which certainly starts positively but I can't read the whole text.

Re: St Germain at Troxy

PostPosted: Fri Nov 20, 2015 1:06 am
by EleanorT
Photographer Manu Wino has some good pictures of the Bataclan gig here: I've failed to find the names of the band members - guess you need to buy the album to find that out.