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WOMEX BUdapest

PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 6:35 pm
by David Flower
I'm reposting here as it may have been missed ups move.

Great edition of WOMEX in Budapest. The world music expo. The sun shone, and a lot of good showcases. The downside was some festivals boycotted due to the treatment of refugees. Wrong target we thought.

Highlights for me

2 trios each having good conversations amongst themselves

Javier Paxariño trio (Spain), incidentally a founding member of Radio Tarifa.


The Nordanains (Netherlands)

Pat Thomas (Ghana) was absolutely brilliant

Agnes Herczku (Hungary)

Mamar Kassey (Niger)

Moh ! Kouyate (Guinea attack/France defence)

Cucurucho (Cuba, Bebo Valdés grandson, Chucho's nephew on piano)