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ACHOLI MACHON@Boogaloo July 23

PostPosted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 2:39 pm
by Garth Cartwright
For those of us not going to Womad the South Sudanese duo ACHOLI MACHON are doing a one-off London performance at The Boogaloo on July 23. Boogaloo is close to Highgate tube (I think). Here's the blurb I got send on the band (not having heard them - no idea of ticket prices either but I doubt it will be more than a tenner).

They are from the “black” tribe. The one that produced the now infamous, Joseph Kony. The ones that were designated as a soldier- class by the colonial rulers over a century before and forced into countless battles with their neighbors.
The duo, Acholi Machon ("Old Acholi"), which features dueling lokembe (“thumb pianos”) and vocals, and songs like “Poisoned Food from the UN”, “Developing World”, “HIV” and “Who Will Build Good Roads for Us?”, Yer Yer is a topical and prolific writer, but no song is more revealing than “I Choose Love”.
Enduring war for almost five decades straight, first in Uganda and then from the Arab rulers in north Sudan, the Acholi now suffer one of the highest mortality rates in the world due to AIDS and Malaria.
In a rural region where you are more likely to hear Willie Nelson or Dolly Parton on the radio than anything else from America, it becomes clear how deceptively close the connection between the west's roots-music tradition and theirs can be. ...

"The sound centres on the duelling thumb pianos (likembes) and call-and-response vocals of Gaetano Otira Tep Yer Yer and Kornelio Odong Mulili, which create a frenzied sonic tapestry of psychedelic resonance.”
— The Australian

Re: ACHOLI MACHON@Boogaloo July 23

PostPosted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 5:00 pm
by Jamie Renton
This all looks good Garth and not too far from my neck of the woods either.

PS Why don't more of today's popular beat groups record songs with titles such as "Poisoned Food from the UN" and "Who Will Build Good Roads for Us"?