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Last Summer's Tealights @ Green Note

PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 1:47 pm
by melangearts

Strong melodies, jazz harmonies and a potent sense of nostalgia are some of the words associated with the music of Last Summer’s Tealights. Part classical, part folk, part pop, part hymnal, the music is a peculiar hotchpotch of shared influences.
The idea for LST was conceived through a series of saxophone/marimba duets emerging during a winter spent in Scotland, which were eventually expanded under more southern skies.
LST brings together experienced players from a diverse range of musical backgrounds, including jazz, classical, flamenco and middle-eastern.

Joe Browne - Saxophones
Hal Hutchison - Marimba
Shirley Smart - Cello
Nic Breakspear - Bass
Demi Garcia Sabat - Percussion

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Video -

The Green Note
106, Parkway,

Music 8.30pm