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Shortt and Smart - Improv/Comedy/World Music Cello Night

PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2015 2:05 pm
by melangearts
Shortt and Smart @ Clapham Omnibus
1st Feb

Kate Shortt - Cellist/Singer/Comedienne
Shirley Smart - Cello and
Maurizio Minardi - Piano/Accordion (and honorary cellist)

Two of the UK’s most innovative and creative cellists join forces to present an evening of comedy, improvisation and music from around the world.

Shirley Smart and Maurizio Minardi
present a set spanning music from classical genre, jazz, tango and music from North Africa, the Balkans, and Eastern Europe, as well as original music.

Kate Shortt, former musician-comedienne of the year, is a classical/jazz cellist/pianist and singer-songwriter who combines all with her off-beat comedy show ‘Shortt ‘n Sweett’. With her abstract humour, impressions and self-penned comedy songs, she has entertained in cabaret and comedy venues throughout England Festivals include; Mardis Gras for Classic fm radio/Edinburgh/Brighton/Covent Garden/Crouch end and more recently Austria.
Kate Shortt on YouTube
“… Wacky ebullient cellist with wide ranging vocals…” The Stage
“… Very funny polished act and a wonderful elastic face…” London Live Radio
“…A Jewish Victoria Wood!…” Brighton magazine
“…At the end I wanted to be part of it. At the beginning I didn’t know who you were!…Best thing I’ve seen in a long time!” Man behind the bar

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1st Feb