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Re: A Sign of the Times.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 1:38 pm
by Alan
BREAKING NEWS... I went to WOMAD and it was brill!

Kobo Town were wonderful,making their WOMAD debut on the finally renamed 'BBC Radio 3 Charlie Gillett stage'.
Drew Gonsalves dedicated 'Abatina' to Charlie - the sweetest warmest tribute imaginable. They had never managed to meet but communicated regularly by email. You could tell how important Charlie was to them and Charlie would've loved it. It was very hard not to shed some tears.

Storming groove from Les Ambassadeurs. Maybe it didn't quite work at Barbican but they were sparkling at WOMAD. Salif restrained and proud. I loved it!

Youssou still has strong voice and presence. V tight band but lacking soul imho. Perc/dance full of energy but keys/gtrs looked disinterested, going through the motions. Greatest hits, one old mbalax, stodgy new song, Mandela tribute, annoying MC. Went down well with crowd. Overall v polished show but lack of subtlety.

Fat Freddy's on fire. Intriguing mixture of middle-aged and quite young crowd packed all together, going barmy.

Oliver Mtukudzi was scheduled for 3pm Sunday and of course didn't make in time. Who in their right mind ever expected him to get there then. He was probably playing till 4am in Stratford or somewhere. Unfortunately he lost his Open Air stage slot and was moved to 11pm on Charlie's stage. It was an inspiring set. Great crowd, atmosphere and Oliver in superb form - "where we come from, one song can last all night!" I'd intended to leave at 9pm, so it made for a late departure after midnight back to London but it was a privilege to be there. I love his voice, his moves, his control. 02:20:44 - 02:41:00 (20 mins worth)

Lots of other surprises, wonderful weather, friendly people. A five star WOMAD!

Pencil it in for next year... it's worth the effort!

PS finally made my Glastonbury debut this year, which was also first rate. This weekend felt like going back to your primary school, couldn't believe how small and intimate WOMAD seemed by comparison

PPS always good to meet Andrew Q of this parish, never misses a WOMAD

Re: A Sign of the Times.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:25 am
by will vine
alister prince wrote: Will, it would be great to read your feedback on this weekend. May not be WOMAD, but small is very often beautiful.Aly

I'll maybe have a crack at that Aly but it may be coloured by the fact that I'm going to be attempting to soak it all up propped up on crutches (an old disco injury).

Anyone thinking of coming along - Sunday looks best weather-wise.

Great photos Alan.