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PostPosted: Mon Jun 09, 2014 10:53 pm
by Leon Parker
Roast and Grill with a Balkan twist, Rakija shots & cocktails and Balkan beats blend together with live music and dancing at the Russet. ♬

For our 4th Balkan Roast, this Biere De Luxe 5-piece Gypsy/ Folk/ Rock band from Falmouth, Cornwall will uplift your uplift your spirits and make you jump like crazy to their music, with their full force, knees up, foot stomping set, while DJ Leon Parker (Princes amongst Men) comes will to lure you on the dance floor with his Balkan and Gypsy mixes! And of course, as always, we will have a very special dancer for you to start the event. Bellydance instructor, performer and choreographer, Saeeda Kasym, will mesmerise you with her elegant balkan & gypsy dance moves.

The outdoor Balkan Grill starts from 12 till 8pm, with Cevapcici or Halloumi cheese, while Sunday Roasts are available all day until 16:30, while our own Shrubbery creates special Rakija cocktails, such as the Balkan Martini, the Double Slivovitsa Twist and the warm Rakomelo, tailored just for our Balkan Roast events. Everything’s done to make this Sunday evening special for you. So come early, feast and then at 6pm join us in a Balkan World of live music, dancing, cocktails and fun. ❤

Biere De Luxe (live 5 piece) - Gypsy // Folk // Rock


DJ Leon Parker - Balkan // Gypsy // Opa ... 0_53-08_00


Saeeda Kasym (dancer) Bellydance // Gypsy // Balkan


fresh // cocktails // shrubs

Is it a garden shed? Is it a green house? Is it an apothecary? Is it a laboratory where flavour wizards create concoctions that make you're taste buds turn and kiss each other?
We will provide you with various cocktails to make your taste buds tingles.


modern // european // flavours

Dine before you dance
Balkan Grill outside from 12 till 10pm
Russet new evening menus.
Check them out here
Menu for the Sunday when this Balkan Roast event will take place will also be posted on this event page soon!
Free entry to events with large table bookings



PostPosted: Fri Jun 27, 2014 6:52 pm
by Leon Parker
This Sunday don't forget.