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Tattie Jam : The Goose Is Out! SE london, Friday 8 Nov

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2013 1:06 pm
by The Goose Is Out!

Tattie Jam; The Goose Is Out! Friday 8 November, Upstairs At The Old Nun's Head, Door 7.45pm, live music starts 8pm floorsingers welcome, tickets £7 (on the door only).

The Old Nuns’ Head 15 Nunhead Green, London SE15 3QQ.

Tattie Jam play (mainly Scots) traditional and folk music, with a twist. Seylan Baxter sings and plays the lead on a 5-string electric cello, and Ruaridh Pringle sings and plays dynamic accompaniment on guitar - and sometimes didgeridoo and octave mandolin; sometimes also taking the lead on mandolin. While playing and singing everything from keening slow airs and a capella dark ballads to kinetic reels and gentle or high-octane original songs (many of their songs and tunes are written by Ruaridh Pringle), their style is highly energetic, with both melodies and a strong rhythmic underpinning being bounced around between both musicians. Rich, sometimes unexpected harmonies predominate in their singing, with both singers alternating the lead.