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Iain Shedden - R.I.P.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:17 pm
by DavidM

Iain Sheddon may not be well known to folks here but he was the drummer for The Saints during the 1980's, i.e. after the original group had broken up and it became wholly Chris Bailey's band. Later, in Australia, he became a music writer, doing a long stint for The Australian (a national newspaper and Rupert Murdoch's flagship paper) writing about rock'n'roll. He did a very good job.

Follow The Leader,

Friend of the People,
(This, yet another, song about the music business contains the wonderful line "I'm an apprentice whore on my way to Babylon").

Ghost Ships,

I can't say I read him a great deal, but I always thought he was good; wry and unpretentious. I particularly remember one article he wrote about The Pixies where he confessed that he'd never really got them. He wrote "They make me think, but they don't make me feel". I, myself, don't have any problem with The Pixies, but that distinction is a good one to make in music.