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Johnny Daye R.I.P.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 11:26 am
by john poole
I’d not seen reported anywhere until the other day that the “blue eyed soul” singer Johnny Daye (real name John DiBucci) passed away in May aged 69 ... 1705160146

He had recorded four singles, including a couple for Johnny Nash’s label Jomada, when he appeared on a TV show with Otis Redding who arranged for him to be signed to Stax

‘I Need Somebody’ (1967) B-side of the first of his two Steve Cropper produced Stax releases - now included on the Kent/Ace CD “The Other Side of the Trax”

‘Stay Baby Stay’ (1968) with the (overdubbed?) Sweet Inspirations and a string arrangement by Booker T. - recorded a couple of weeks before Otis’ death; not issued until the following summer; one of the early releases on the yellow Stax label. His best record which may well have received better promotion had Otis lived. Later included on the first volume of “Country Got Soul” (Casual) and “Nobody Wins/Stax Southern Soul” (Kent/Ace)

Steve Cropper believed that Otis “really wanted do a lot” with Johnny, but he wouldn’t record again until 2007 when he sang on a couple of tracks on an album by Robert Peckman (once a member of the group The Jaggerz)