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Sylvester Potts of the Contours R.I.P.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:34 pm
by john poole
Sylvester Potts, the longest serving member of the Motown group the Contours has passed away - he, together two other members, left the Contours in 1964 following to a dispute with Berry Gordy, but the lead singer Billy Gordon persuaded him to return to the group a few months later. ... tours.html

The Contours filmed at the Apollo Theatre in 1963 - 'It Must be Love' (co-written by Sylvester) & their biggest hit 'Do You Love Me'

Prior to the Contours he had recorded as a member of the Hi-Fidelities in 1957 writing 'Help, Murder, Police' one of the sides of their single on Hi-Q Records, a subsidiary of Fortune

R.I.P. Sylvester