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PostPosted: Sat May 17, 2008 2:22 am
by Peter Culshaw
just to go back to the thread for a brief mo

300 issues!- I raise a glass of bubbly - or mead or whatever folkies quaff these days..altho I am almost a folkie myself these days finding that papers will take the likes of Martin Carthy, Rachel Unthank, Seth Lakeman, Martha Wainwright, Julie Fowlis, etc - not true 3/4 years ago I think...(also I may have been alightly one of those worldish types who found english folk a strange land from which travellers never returned...

I did a couple of years of Undercurrents - an alternative/green mag in the 80s and that was enough stress- although it was in the days of cutting out typeset and glueing it have a slight idea of the herculean labours involved...
saw Yasmin at jazz cafe and liked a lot, and just gave natacha's album a rave in OMM

Nigel - thanks for yr kind comment about Umalali - v nice to be in yer actual Froots again after a bit of a long gap

NW refrains from mentioning he was asked to Belize first - due to poor Andy's demise I wrote several obits etc from the trip, which was really memorable anyway - on which tracks articles in the press they work out what you have written about most in the last 6 months- me: Garifuna

I also look forward to catching blue blokes 3 - a super-group that if they fell under a bus would be like the library of Alexandria burning down - or something like that

am off to galicia in the morning (sounds like a song..)