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Michael Rother's Ten Tips for Guitarists (or musicians)

PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:24 pm
by Chris P ... sts-646516

Much good reading here ^^

“As a boy, I lived in Pakistan for a time [early 1960s] and I was fascinated by the music I heard on the streets. Bands playing scales and rhythms I didn’t know and everything was so different, and the music didn’t have beginnings or endings, just a hypnotic thread.

When we started the first Neu! album, we were full of ideas, hopes, visions and optimism
“This sort of endlessness had a big impact. It’s not so much the scales, because I didn’t explore the Indian or Pakistani scales world at all - although Indian music can get me very emotional because of the beauty. For my own creation, I think it was taking more the inspiration of something that is so different from the Central European idea of melody and song.”