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All agig

PostPosted: Mon Nov 17, 2014 11:31 pm
by alister prince
I've been to two gigs in the past few days and wanted to pass on my thoughts. Very different in style including venue, both were brilliant and exceeded my expectations. First off was Martha Tilston at Bush Hall in deepest Shepherds Bush. This is a gem of a venue, a Victorian theatre/music hall which has been beautifully renovated. The staff are great, helpful and friendly. Martha came on and hit the ground running. She had her full band of five musicians, playing about twenty instruments between them. Coming from a folk tradition (her dad is singer/songwriter Steve Tilston), that's her general style, but folkie she ain't, she's a fine singer and a witty perceptive songwriter. She dedicated the show to Maggie Boyle, (who'd died only a few days before), but her celebration was joyous, not maudlin. As well as the band songs, she did a couple accompanying herself on the piano. She's got the ability to capture the idiosyncrasies of life beautifully. She can be sad, humerous, self parodying, all in one song. And her voice, her range was amazing; soulful, countryish, low, high, soaring, full of emotion. As a part of the encore she came into the audience and sang a virtually unaccompanied version of Silver Dagger taught her by Maggie Boyle, she just made it to to to end before cracking up, then straight back on stage and to a rousing finale. A truly memorable evening!
And so on to Tinariwen at the Roundhouse. This is another great, renovated building, originally a Victorian turning shed for rail engines, it's a fine example of industrial architecture. I've seen them many times, but like great wine, they just get better and
better. They played both new and older stuff, and with that hypnotic intensity that makes them the best of their kind by a desert mile. This time to strengthen the mix, they rocked. They did it without being a parody, no trying to emulate some other outfit, just simple,brilliant and effective. Sensibly, they didn't overdo it, this was no move to a western style rock band and not once did they fail to mesmerise. Their musicianship was superb, interchanging lead on guitar and sharing lead vocals. One of music's delights.

Re: All agig

PostPosted: Mon Nov 17, 2014 11:47 pm
by Chris P
great reviews, thanks Aly!