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PostPosted: Wed Jul 02, 2014 6:05 pm
by alister prince
I went to two very different events during my recent trip to Paris. First off was an extensive exhibition at Music City called 'Great Black Music'. It's a survey of various musical genres that have evolved from the African colonial experience and the enforced African diaspora. What it covered, it covered well, but it was very limited in it's scope. It starts off with profiles (audio/visual) of some great names in black music - Bob Marley, Fela, Aretha, Louis, Nina Simone, Elvis(???), JB, Miles, etc. As is usually the case loads of great and influential names sprung to mind due to their absence. Muddy, Chuck, Little Richard, Ali Farka, John Coltrane, I could go on... The second section was large screens showing the development of the music in places such as Congo/Zaire and Madagascar. This was good and included indigenous 'folk' music as well as the more modern. Again though, more was left unsaid than said. Vast chunks of Africa were left out and I would have liked to see coverage of The Carribean, Australia and the Pacific Zone. Next was TV screens showing performances by BB, Cesaria, etc, nice but predictable. There are 11 hours of music, plus commentary, so you could spend a rainy weekend there if it took your fancy.
All in all not half bad, but frustrating, very little jazz, Chess type or rural blues, soul, but hey give them a break, it was fun. It originated in South Africa, I'm not sure if its coming to London, but I hope it does.
I did spend a rainy Sunday at the movies, 'Jersey Boys', tosh, but enjoyable tosh. The portrayal of Frankie Valli was very sympathetic towards him, I'm sure it wasn't because he was executive producer. I had a good time.
Also just listened to Eliza and Martin Carthy's 'The Moral Of The Elephant. More folky than her outing with Norma (Gift), but excellent none the less.