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New afro-jazz reissues from matsulimusic

PostPosted: Thu May 01, 2014 9:47 pm
by matt
Batsumi's lost 1976 LP Moving Along (MM104)
The deep spiritual indigenous afro-jazz sounds of Moving Along follow in the footsteps of Matsuli's popular 2011 reissue of Batsumi's debut. Out of print since 1976, Moving Along is now lovingly restored from the original master-tapes and includes photography and new liner notes.

The now rare first LP from Batsumi was so well received that it was earmarked for a US release on Stax. Fellow musician Ndikho Xaba, who was in exile in the US during this period, recalls that the group were revered amongst exiled South Africans, despite the fact that very few of them had actually managed to hear the LP. This reputation grew through the likes of respected musicians such as Philip Tabane and Jonas Gwangwa, who knew their work and had awarded them the highest praise. If the self-titled first album was scarce, there are unanswered questions concerning the second album. Very few copies of Moving Along exist, and it has been speculated that there was either no official release or only a very limited issue.

With this re-release of Moving Along Matsuli Music is proud to have brought Batsumi’s entire known catalogue back into print. We hope that through these releases, Batsumi will be recognised for the contemporary and historical prominence that their unique music so richly deserves. Matsuli Music plans to issues the complete works of Batsumi on a single CD later this year.

Yes and...

Privately pressed in San Francisco on the Trilyte label in 1969, Ndikho Xaba and the Natives has joined the pantheon of holy grails for Spiritual Jazz collectors. Similar in many ways to material on the Tribe and Strata East labels, this album features five tracks from a collective led by South African exile Ndikho Xaba. The album features the first recorded appearance of legendary saxophonist Plunky Branch. Other members of the collective include bassist Ken Shabala (Ken Parker) and Len Moshe (Ron Martin). Following this LP Plunky and the other members formed Plunky and Oneness of Juju, releasing their first album in 1972.

Chris Albertyn of Matsuli Music caught up with Ndikho and Nomusa Xaba In Durban earlier this year to start the process of working through their impressive archive of materials for inclusion in a deluxe reissue later this year. We are at an advanced stage of audio restoration and artwork in in preparation.

Full release details will be confirmed soon.