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Meanwhile in Blogistania - North Africa

PostPosted: Thu Feb 13, 2014 9:46 am
by Kari Salonen
I rarely bring up the subject of blogs here, partly since feel somewhat squeamish about the freewheeling attitude several of them have for copyright and other such matters.

Recently, however, I bumped into two that take the different route: The Audiotopia and Phocéephone. Phocéephone is a French blog and association (in French, desolé) that dedicates itself to the collection, cataloguing and preservation of old oriental music. A terrific source of information about Kabylian, judéo-arabe, Egyptian etc music. Take the trouble to browse.

The Audiotopia blog is even better. In English, but the man behind it is an arab and he obviously has access to some terrific sources. One of the highlights is his entry on old -mid to late 19th century - pictures of gnawa musicians: photographs, drawings and paintings. Handsome and atmospheric. And then there is an entry on the history of music in pre-oil saudi-Arabia... Do visit.