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Tribute Bands

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 7:59 pm
by Dayna
These past couple weeks, I've gone with my parents to see a couple of tribute bands that were surpisingly good. I can't afford most of the original concerts, so this has been a great experience. The first week I went to see one called Time Traveler, which was a Moody Blues band, which sounds remarkably greatgreat. Most of the guys in the band came from Akron/ Kent area, Ohio. They travel with a full Chgrin Falls orchestra.
I got to meet and talk to a couple of them during intermission.

This is one of their covers, of Voices.

The band I saw this Saturday was called Full Moon Fever Canada; tribute to Tom Petty, and they were amazing as well. The really funny thing that happened with them was when a group of nice looking guys sat down beside me, and I was talking to one. It turned out I was talking to the keyboard player for the band and didn't realize it till they got up to leave! They did some amazing guitar solos.

There were two local bands that played before each of these, that did tributes to Neil Young and the one befreo that was Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Both were from Kent/Akron area, and they were great too.