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Chutney: Babla and Kanchan

PostPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2012 9:29 pm
by kas
This weekend I have been figuring out a genre called chutney - either made by South Asian expats living in Trinidad and Guyana, or recorded in India and gathering to the Carribbean tastes. Recent chutney hits seem to have little distinguishing features if you compare them with straight soca.
But I dug a little deeper (very little so far) and came up with the husband and wife duo Babla and Kanchan. They were born and based in Bombay/Mumbai and worked together for forty years. A good part of their music was popular in the Carribbean and they covered also some soca hits.
Utterly cool stuff - such as this "Hum Na Jaibe":

Songs like that really stir up the dormant wannabe deejay in me... And I also love this "Hai Ray Balamwa" (except for those cheapo synth sounds). The song sounds in fact more like your regular Indian pop tune, only with a soca beat:

"Kuch Kadbad Hai" is otherwise known as...

Somebody has even uploaded an old, short documentary on Babla. It is in hindi, but all the old archive footage makes up for it. "Disco Dandiya" indeed...